Formulated for pets to live a healthy & happy lives. Howl Pet Nutrition has the ability to Transform Pets’ Lives. Our Pet’s are part of the family and we want them to always be healthy and happy everyday. Beginning from when they are a puppy or kitten right through to when they are adults and seniors our pets need a legacy of healthy balanced nutrition based on age, breed or specific health and dietary veterinary requirements.

Here at Howl Pet our range of  grain-free canine and feline nutrition provides your loving pet with the highest quality of ingredients, essential vitamins and minerals needed to develop and sustain a healthy and active digestive system.

Howl Pet Grain Fee choices of dog nutrition and canine cuisine recipes are prepared with a selection of the finest and digestible animal protein sources.

“Added prebiotics MOS & FOS help to support your pets digestion system”

As well as making a delicious range of healthy and natural dog and cat food that pets have been crying out for and owners love to serve we are changing the way we educate and formulate our ingredients and pet feeding guides with our in house developed Pet-Vet check legacy an industry veterinary management system linked direct to your pets’ own presiding veterinary medical history.

At Howl Pet Nutrition, we understand how important your pets are to you, which is why our focus is on a holistic approach to provide your pets with lifetime balanced lifecycle nutrition. Our choices are your choice – We have chosen our range of delicious and healthy dog and cat nutrition based on many years of veterinary experience and our pet owners own choices.