Understanding all the important key life cycle stages your loving cat goes through is the answer to helping them be happy and healthy throughout their entire lifetime. As your purring feline grows and matures it is important to consider the different nutritional needs each cat will have as they go through these key stages.

Kitten’s early stages of nutrition needs –
Like puppies,  kittens grow at a fast rate and they have a significantly higher nutritional demand than those of adult cats. Howl Pet Select Kitten preferential cuisines have been expertly developed to be some of the best early nutrition cuisines for kittens and have been formulated specifically for their specific age and needs. Howl Pet Select Kitten brand ingredients contain very high levels of protein, which is essential for proper growth, as well as higher levels of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, and iron to help build strong bones and teeth. Our select kitten food also contains more vitamin C and vitamin E, which help support kittens’ immune systems.

Adult Cats Require Balanced Nutrition. Adult cats require the right amount of fat and protein in their meals as well as other nutrients like taurine. Howl Pet Select Feline Adult/Mature Cat Food Cuisines provide advanced formulated and balanced nutrition for adult cats of all ages, sizes, and activity levels. Howl Pet Select feline brand recipes contain essential healthy adult cat nutrients and also include essential prebiotics and joint supplements that help keep cats supple and healthy. “Purrfect Choices”

Howl Pet Select Kitten & Feline cuisines are made using high protein recipes with fresh meat, fish, ingredients, and supplements to support strong and healthy muscles and provide everyday vitality and health to your feline companions.