As a family-run pet care group established in 2003 we understand the emotional devotion between a pet and their owners. Being loving pet owners ourselves and industry recognised caring veterinary pet services providers we have dedicated our time and investment to understand how we can improve not just our own pet’s health care and welfare but the lives of everyone’s special little furry family members. Driving innovations in pet legacies, we could see the need to improve all pet’s health through nutrition, pet healthcare science data, and veterinary care requirements, and help to establish new ways of bringing pets and pet owners closer.

We developed Howl Pet Nutrition Select supplying a range of selectly chosen industry leading pet nutrition brands to bring together a collection of tastier & healthier-than-ever pet cuisines for both dogs and cats alike. We also have an assortment of select Grain Free favorites and hand picked chosen recipes which are packed with healthy choices of dog nutrition and feline cuisine recipes and all our Howl Pet Nutrition Select choices are prepared with a selection of the finest and digestible animal protein sources “With added health value prebiotics MOS & FOS help to support your pet’s digestion system”

Linked to our in-house developed national vet-check LEAD veterinary data system we have created a whole new experience to help maintain your pet’s optimum health care saving your pets those pounds!

So join us today and see the difference Howl Pet Nutrition Select can make to your pet’s health care and create a health plan legacy linked to over 5,000 registered veterinary institutions.

Michelle McHugh (Pet Health Care Specialist) with her 17 year old Bichon Frise Dexter.